It’s a sad day.

I am a day late, but wanted to share my thoughts on 9/11.

I am the daughter of an Army Colonel and the sister of two former air force women. I am also sister-in-law to an Army JAG. Needless to say, my blood runs red, white, and blue. Yesterday, I exchanged e-mails with my family on a day that, 12 years ago, drastically changed all of our lives. Since September 11, 2001, I have waited patiently at home as my dad completed two year-long tours in Iraq, my sister completed a six month tour in the United Arab Emirates, and as my other sister served in Qatar for six months. September 11 lives in infamy for me, as it does for many, as one of those rare days where you can pinpoint your life changing as a result of.

Below are a few excerpts from the e-mails that I exchanged with my family. May we continue to stand strong as a nation, pursue righteousness and justice, and may we never forget the lives that were lost- that are lost- at the hands of evildoers who seek to destroy the human spirit. May we also never lose sight of the fact that until we leave this fallen earth, we will never know true peace. We will never cease to see war and pain. We will continue to endure tragedy. I hold my hope in the Lord, in Heaven, and in a better life beyond this temporary one, wrought with pain and suffering. God Bless. -A


Sad day. Sad because of the events of 9-11. Sad because of all that has followed which has resulted in yesterday’s sad fiasco. never thought we’d be at this point 12 years, 10,000 kias and trillions of dollars after 9-11.

It is a sad day.  But a good day to remember just how proud we are of our dad.  You’re a hero dad and we love you.  Your work touches the lives of so many.


It is a sad day for many reasons. But we can be proud of our family’s sacrifices and the work we have done towards the erradication of jihadists. Even if they continue to plague the world, we at least can say that we have each personally stood against them when others refused.
I am also thinking about the day that the world will be renewed and feeling grateful that, in the midst of politics, evil, and confusion, we can be confident that we are on the true side of Good and Right and that when the King returns, He will annihilate all that is not of Him and there will be no more tears.
It is sad day because our children will never know a world unaffected by terrorism. It is a sad day because my family sacrificed much so that our country could take a firm stance towards the evil committed against us. Now, however, I feel as if our president is backsliding on the once staunch stance we took on terroristic acts.It is a sad day because we cannot comprehend how a loving and just God could allow for His people to suffer in this way.It is a temporary sadness, known to this world and like a breeze in the wind in the grand scheme of our future lives eternal… But it is a sad day, none the less.
We are very blessed aren’t we as a family? And that gives me hope each day. To know that each one of you love him and that we all can trust him and call on  Him to soothe our wounds and, give us wisdom and courage to face each day…
Each of you are heros and more importantly children of faith…and I love you and thank God for each of you.
As we peer into the darkness may He who gives us strength and courage, fortify our souls with thankfulness for each other,
and renewed courage to face the future.
In my Journalism class, we discussed 9/11 and the changes that have ensued in our lives since the fact 12 years ago. Senior Alyssa Paulsen, a native New Yorker, shared her memory of the day and her view that we will never achieve rest from tragedy on earth, but rather only in Heaven. Listen below.

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