Rand Paul on the Rise?


Is this junior senator running for the White House?

An article written for Vogue magazine by journalist Jason Horowitz explores the rise of Rand Paul, the junior Senator of Kentucky. The article aims to provide background for the reader on who Paul is through giving details about his family life, upbringing, education, and notable political achievements. Paul has caused considerable buzz within the Republic Party, particularly after a filibuster this summer over President Obama’s use of drones, in which Paul argued his opinion for 13 hours straight. Giving the Senator a profile for which readers can get to know the quiet Paul and his family (the author argues that his wife, Kelly Ashby, is his “secret weapon”), the author aims to ask the million dollar question: Could Republican Senator Rand Paul Win The White House?


WHO: Rand Paul, Junior Senator of Kentucky, Republican

WHAT: Paul’s rise to success within the Republic Party, the possibility of him running for president in 2016

WHERE: America, baby

WHEN: Now and, more specifically, in 2016.

WHY: Paul has had several substantial accomplishments while serving as junior Senator, could lead to a possible campaign for President (His dad is RON Paul… he tends to run for President, too…)

This article is not the first, nor the last, that we will see on Rand Paul. The Senator, though widely criticized even within the Republic Party for his Tea-Party ideas and constitutionalist stance on many issues, is beloved by many on the right (and particularly the far right). Paul has been praised for his hard-stance against many policies proposed and supported by Democrats, and has, thus far, upheld a clean private life. This article is particularly interesting, because instead of taking the style of the New York Times, Politico, Horowitz’s “home” publication, The Washington Post, or the like, it is written in typical colloquial Vogue style…. lots of background research, cheeky anecdotes, probing questions looking for a scandalous answer, and imagery that makes the reader feel as if they are part of the subject’s life. I chose this article, because it takes a more personal look at a public figure and discusses not only his past and private life, but also looks at the accomplishments he has had in his position as junior senator and the feathers he has rustled- both outside of the Republican party and within.

Articles like this one will only get more prevalent during 2014 and certainly during 2015 as possible candidates for president emerge before the 2016 election. Even in this article, which merely muses on the idea of Paul running as President (and doesn’t truly answer the question of if he could win, instead leaving it to readers to decide), Hillary Clinton is mentioned as a possible “opponent” of Paul’s, as well as Vice President Joe Biden and, on the Republican side, Ted Cruz. Readers can use this article to begin to understand the possible candidates for the 2016 presidency or, if nothing else, see a decidedly different view to that of our current president, Barack Obama.

Information is power, and knowing about possible candidates before the race has even begun is one more way for Vogue readers (though they may just be looking for the newest Marc Jacobs collection) to be in the know and ahead of the trend.

Original Article HERE: http://www.vogue.com/magazine/article/republican-senator-rand-paul-for-president/#3


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